Who we are

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Edgecutter is a new production company with a wealth of experience behind it. We want to craft videos that tell stories to engage your audience.

We combine traditional storytelling expertise with contemporary visual trends for effective communication of your content.

At the forefront of the online revolution, we were making online video before it became the giant it is now. We've done our time in the trenches making videos for other production companies for brands as diverse as Nike, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, HSBC and many others. Now we're spreading our wings and want to provide even better service to you.

Our director, James Barber, has spent 15 years learning about storytelling, crafting scripts, directing, creating beautiful images, and editing a huge number of videos for large, well-known brands.

We specialise in branded content, mini documentaries, advertising and marketing pieces, case studies, tutorials, fashion films and corporate videos.

Our Services

We make films to suit your needs. We'll work with you to conceptualise and plan the project so the story can be told in the best way possible. Audiences have short attention spans these days, and way more than flashy imagery, a sense of story, a feeling of being competently ushered through the information, is the best way to keep these audiences engaged.

We're experts in filming, directing, and editing content. We're a young company, we're hungry to produce some great stuff.


We work with you to find the best way to communicate your idea with video.


We’ll use our broad expertise to get the images you want.


The final step. We’ll keep your story on track, trim the fat, and add energy.


We can produce simple, effective motion graphics in-house.

Good words from clients

Very nice job James, thank you so much.
Made in London

Made in London

The video looks great!


That film is awesome – great work!